“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Moonstone Bracelet

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Moonstone gemstone bracelets, made from tumbled and polished chips of this beautiful, calming pearly grey feldspar mineral. A lovely gift for a loved one, the chips have a brighter and more vibrant appearance due to being polished, threaded on an elasticated string to fit any wrist size.

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Moonstone chip bracelets, made from mystic grey pieces of tumbled moonstone. The clouded glassy aesthetic gives this gemstone a soothing quality which stands out in a swarm of overly-vibrant minerals and the pearly shine gives a cosmic feel. The gemstones have been tumbled and threaded into elastic bracelets, suitable for any size wrists. An excellent pieces of jewellery, it will make a thoughtful gift or treat, complementing any color themed outfit.

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