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Moroccan Shark and Ray Teeth Fossil Frame

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Classic fossil teeth belonging to rays and sharks from the famous phosphate beds from Casablanca, Morocco, dated between 70 to 45 million years old, all the fossils are glued down and held firmly in place and labelled up in English, all housed within a 29 x 19 x 3 cm wooden frame.

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A selection of classic fossil shark and ray teeth from the famous Kouribdga phosphate fossil beds in Casablanca, Morocco. Contains up to 15 different species of shark and ray teeth specimens housed in a wooden frame with a clear glass front. Frame size 29 x 19 x 3 cm. The fossils are glued down, allowing the frame to be stood upright or hung up on a wall without them falling down. Each species represented has 1 to 3 fossil pieces which are all labeled in English. All the fossil are aged between the late Cretaceous period to the Eocene period, a span of 70 to 45 million years. An ideal gift for fossil collectors or children.

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