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Moss Agate – Kilo Bag

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1 kilo of moss agate mineral specimens from India. Agate is a distinctly banded variety of chalcedony, belonging to the quartz family. These particular specimens are a dark green colour, hence the name ‘moss agate’ but sometimes may exhibit red spots, known as blood stone. Kilo bags are ideal for schools, educational and teaching use, specimens supplied are a range of sizes and come in a strong polythene bag with a label.

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Moss agate mineral specimens which are completely deep green in colour with some occurences of blue and white. Moss agate is not strictly an agate however as it has no banding formations, it is related to chalcedony, which is also within the quartz family of minerals. The colouration comes form green coloured minerals within, which are impurities such as chrome and iron. It's name is derived from how the majority of it is usually found as inclusions in white quartz, almost resembling moss on a stone. It often forms as a result of weathered volcanic rocks, these particular specimens come from India, they are almost completely green in colour although some have occurences of white and blue. It has been used through out history as a gemstone due to the fact that it can be cut and shaped and takes a high polish, a common tumble stone and used in jewellery. These particular samples are rough, unpolished and may also appear to show red spots, which is a variant known called blood stone. They come supplied in lots of 1 kg and in a polythene bag of varying sizes ranging between 20 mm to 80 mm along with an information label.

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