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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Muscovite Mica Sheets – Brazil

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Muscovite mica sheets from Brazil, an excellent mineral specimen, especially for educational use as it depicts the basal cleavage perfectly, so thin are these sheet, that even when layered, they are still transparent. They have an off brown or pink hue and some impurities. Sizes vary as do shapes, each piece will come supplied loose with an information label.

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Muscovite mica sheets found in Brazil. Large sheets of muscovite mica which exhibit the basal cleavage perfectly, so thin are the sheets, they are transparent, almost like windows. A mineral of the schist family, the colour of the samples is a transparent brown due to their thinness. Specimens are supplied with a information label and are approximately 18 cm by 10 cm however this will vary slightly as each piece is a random shape.

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