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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Myliobatis Dixoni Ray Teeth

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Family: rays and sharks

Species: Myliobatis dixoni (Eagle ray)

Geological Age: Eocene, 55 to 45 million years ago.

Location: Khouribga, Morocco.

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Myliobatis dixoni were a genus of ray fish which lived during the Eocene period dating them to between 55 to 45 million years old. They were common in various parts of the world, with remains being found in Morocco and the UK. Although myliobatis dixoni is extinct, its over all species, myliobatis still thrive today. They have the common rhomboid shaped body expected of rays and a thin whip like tail, like their relatives, sharks, rays are cartilaginous fish, meaning they really do not have any solid bones within their bodies, except teeth, his is why only shark and ray teeth are only ever found fossilised. These particular fossil specimens come from Khouribga, Morocco and measure between 10 to 30 mm in size and are supplied in a magnifier box with a 4 x magnification lid.

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