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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Native Copper Mounted On Base

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Native copper from Keweenaw, Michigan, USA, a well known locality for these mineral specimens, the samples are small, 20 mm in size and wiry with no discernible crystal habit. The pieces have tarnished and so are now a black colour with dull lustre, mounted on a polystyrene base within a labelled card tray.

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Native copper mineral specimens from the famous Keweenaw copper deposits of Michigan, USA. The samples are small and exhibit a fascinating wiry crystal habit. They have tarnished, giving them a dull, black colouration with occasional occurrences of green or pale blue oxidisation. The samples are approximately 20 mm in size and come glued on a polystyrene base inserted in to a specimen tray. Ideal for the more serious collector who is after small, yet decent quality additions to their collections. The samples name and locality are also typed on to the back of the tray.

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