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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

New Jade Tumblestones


New jade tumblestones exhibiting a pale green colouration, the gemstones have been tumbled and polished enhancing their colour and texture. Long used as an ornamental stone for a variety of purposes these 3 cm size tumblestones are ideal gifts.

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New jade tumblestones are a bright green or turquoise colour which is calming to the eyes, it is a variety of jade which has been tumbled and polished, making them smooth to feel and are much more vibrant in colour. Jade is actually a metamorphic rock as opposed to a mineral. It has long been used as an ornamental stone for making a range of items and jewellery, the size of these tumblestones are roughly 3 cm and are available as a single gemstone or in set quantities for you to choose from.

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