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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

NGS 2007 Hand Lens

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Technical Specification:
• Eyepieces: glass lens (1 piece)
• Magnification: x 10
• Diameter (viewable area) 18 mm
• Body: Brass with chrome finish
• Lens housing: plastic with rubber outer layer

This hand lens is excellent for general use, children, earth science students and more. It has a x 10 magnification with an 18 mm viewing area, a stainless steel body and plastic rubber housing around the glass, suitable for geology, botany, entomology and more, where enhanced viewing of minute objects is required.

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An excellent economical hand lens which is ideal for students, children and general purpose use. It is made from a stainless steel body with a plastic and rubber housing around the optics (glass lens) which reduces shock to the glass if accidentally dropped. It has a small viewing area of 18 mm diameter with x 10 magnification, making it ideal for enhanced viewing of rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals sediments, plants, insects and many other minute objects. At such a good price, it is an excellent item and must have if you are a student studying earth sciences, botany or entomology. A small loop is also present on the lens, should you wish to put a lanyard through it, an excellent magnifier, it comes in a plastic case with discounts available on larger quantities. We can also supply them at larger quantities with discounts if required, e.g. for schools, universities, educational bodies, museums and more, simply contact by phone or email and we will be happy to prepare a quotation for you.

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