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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ophthalmosaurus Vertebrae

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Order: Ichthyosaur

Genus: Ophthalmosaurus

Geological Age: Kimmerdigian, Jurassic (165 to 145 million years ago)

Location: Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, England, UK.

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A moderate sized vertebrae belonging to a prehistoric reptile known as ophthalmosaurus. These animals belonged to the ichthyosaur family of marine reptiles. These reptiles were easily noticed by their dolphin like shaped bodies, the name means ‘Eye Lizard’, a reference the species large eyes which gave it excellent vision. they have been known to have grown to 6 m in length, and possessed a long but almost toothless jaw. This particular specimen was found in Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset in England and is of Jurassic age. This particular sample measures 10 cm in diameter and is 5 cm thick, supplied in a card tray with information label.

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