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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orange Calcite Egg – Mexico

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Orange calcite gemstone eggs from Mexico measuring 6 x 5 cm in size, these excellent quality eggs have been carved and polished from a high quality variant of the mineral and exhibits a fiery, rich orange colour. Ideal for your self or as a gift, they come supplied with an egg stand.

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Orange calcite gemstone eggs, carved from a high quality variant of the mineral found in Mexico with a vibrant almost fiery orange colour. Calcite is a common mineral with a low hardness and found everywhere, naturally it exhibits a cubic crystal habit when broken, which can partially be seen in these eggs, making the surface appear to have faint cracks, which is a natural form of the mineral. These pieces have been carved into 6 x 5 cm size eggs and given a high polished finish, making the surface smooth to tough. Excellent for your self to place on a mantle piece, table or cabinet or as a gift for someone, they come supplied with a free clear egg stand.

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