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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orange Gypsum Gemstone Tea Light


Orange gypsum gemstone tea light, carved from the mineral known as gypsum, this salt mineral is made from minute, needle like crystals which look like satin, giving the name satin spar. at 10 cm wide with a hole to hold a tea light candle, this warm glowing tea light is sure to make an excellent gift for a love one, ideal to be place any where in the home to make for a welcoming, cosy atmosphere.

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A selenite tea light made from the beautiful orange coloured variation of the mineral, gypsum. This mineral is composed of millions of tiny, fibrous, needle like crystals, which, when viewed from a certain angle, look like sheets of satin,it is for this reason, the gemstone is also known as satin spar. This particular tea light stands around 9 cm tall and is 10 cm wide, it has a central hole drilled into the middle in which small tea light candles can be placed. Once placed and lit, this magnificent, natural salt mineral will emit a warming orange glow in which ever room it is placed, making for a cosy, loving atmosphere, either around the hearth, on the mantle piece, kitchen table or bedside cabinet. It is sure to make a great gift for a loved one.

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