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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orange Selenite Sphere


Orange selenite gemstone sphere, carved from an orange variation of gypsum, this mineral often forms with fine, needle like crystals, which can look like satin, hence its alternate name of satin spar. Each sphere is highly polished, 7 cm in diameter and comes with a plastic clear stand for display. An excellent gift for many, especially if there is an orange theme going on or for mineral and gemstone healers.

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A highly polished orange selenite gemstone sphere carved from the mineral gypsum, known as the gemstone, satin spar. An ideal gift for any gemstone enthusiast or healer, the fibrous crystal habit of gypsum which often grows as very fine,long, needles gives the sphere the appearance of a satin sheet, especially when polished, hence its alternate name of satin spar. Orange selenite spheres are harder to come by, the colour is due to the presence of iron, likely from the mineral, hematite, often a deep red colour, being present at the time the mineral was forming and so we have a limited number in stock. They are roughly 7 cm in diameter and fairly heavy at 600 grams each, they come supplied with a three legged clear plastic stand for you to display it on. Where ever it is placed, it is sure to garner attention.

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