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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orange Selenite Tower


Orange selenite gemstone towers carved from an orange variation of the mineral gypsum, also known as satin spar due to the crystals fibrous like structure, especially visible when polished. Each tower is 15 cm high and 6 cm wide with a flat base and polished finish.

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Orange selenite, a gypsum mineral also known as satin spar, carved into a tower shape with a high polish finish, the towers are 6 side, and have a pointed top and a flat base, allowing them to be placed on other flat surfaces. This particular variant of mineral is orange due to a phenomenon known as hematite staining, where, hematite (often a red mineral) present at the time of formation has stained resulted in the normally white coloured gypsum to appear orange. Each tower, made in Morocco stand 15 cm high and 6 cm wide at the base. It is believed through history that towers are able to channel power and energy, these beautiful, calm orange coloured towers will make a great addition to any decor in your house, especially if you have an orange theme.

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