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Realgar and Orpiment Mounted on Base


Orpiment mineral specimens form Nevada, USA exhibiting a striking yellow or orange colouration with expected earthy lustre and granular texture. Orpiment is a arsenic sulfide mineral so is highly toxic, not suitable for children. It forms in various places such as fumaroles, hydrothermal veins and hot springs. These specimens we formed as a by product of realgar, approximately an inch in size, they will come supplied mounted and within a card tray with a label and sealed in a polythene bag.

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Orpiment is an vibrant orange to yellow coloured mineral which contains arsenic sulfide, as such, it is extremely toxic and to only be purchased, collected and handled by adults. It forms in areas such as volcanic fumaroles, hydrothermal veins and hot springs or as with these particular specimens, a by product of realgar, also an arsenic bearing mineral. Through out human history orpiment has been used as a paint pigment, traded by the Roman empire and was used in ancient China as medicine despite its lethal toxicity. However, modern day uses of it include in the production of glass, fireworks, semiconductors and photoconductors. The mineral has a bright, eye catching yellow or orange colour and an earthy lustre, it is quite fiable, being easily broken or chipped just with your hands. These samples come from Getchel, Nevada, USA and are available between 20 to 35 mm in size only and will come supplied mounted on a polystyrene base in a card tray with details of the sample typed onto the tray. Excellent mineral specimens for serious collectors, especially if you are after expanding your selection of pieces from the Americas. Note, due the toxicity of these samples, they will come supplied also within a polythene bag.

*Remember to wash your hands immediately after handling orpiment. It contains arsenic and is highly toxic. Upon purchase of this particular mineral specimen, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old. This mineral is not suitable for children

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