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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orthoceras and Goniatite Tea Light

Orthoceras and goniatite fossil tea lights, carved from fossiliferous limestone dating back to the Devonian period over 400 million years ago, the tea lights contain numerous shell fossils, cut into a square shape measuring 9 cm in size with a candle holder. Ideal gift for those into a minimal design.

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A tea light carved from black and brown fossiliferous limestone containing various Devonian fossil shells within. These excellent tea lights are for those of you who may prefer something different to the gemstone tea lights, perhaps you are a fan of fossils. They have been cut into square shapes and both measures 9 x 9 x 3 cm in size, a flat base allows the holder to be placed on any other flat surface without fear of moving or falling. Made from Devonian period rock, the fossils are between 420 to 358 million years old, they were around hundreds of millions of years before even the dinosaurs. A central hole is drilled into the middle in which a small, circular tea light candle can be place. Once lit, a warm glow will be emitted, reflecting off of the polished, angular surfaces of the tea light. A great minimal design, we have two options available, a black limestone which contains orthoceras fossil shells or a brown rock which contains goniatite shells. Both of which were prehistoric squid like animals.

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