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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orthoceras – Rough


• Geological Age: Ordovician period, 488 to 420 millions years old
• Location: Erfoud, Morocco
• Family: Cephalapod
• Species: Orthoceras fluminense

Orthoceral fossil specimens from the limestone deposits located in Erfoud, Morocco, these samples which are Ordovician in age, over 400 million years old, echibit morphological details of the cephalapods shells very well, the separate segments can easily be seen and are between 3 to 6 cm in size and an off white colour. Available by weight, ideal for teaching use, the pieces will come supplied in a bag with a label.

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Rough orthoceras fossil shells from Morocco, these excellent samples depict the ever popular cephalapod shell, a type of squid, in their natural unpolished state, also exhibited are the segments which make up the shell, each one being a separate gas filled chamber of the animal when it was alive. They range in size from 30 to 60 mm with occaisonal larger pieces, they are dated to the Ordovician period, making them approximately 488 million years old and were collected from the limestone deposits of Erfoud, Morocco.Available in various weights which is ideal for educational use, kits and packs allowing you to obtain more pieces for your money, they samples will come supplied in a polythene bag with a label.

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