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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Orthoceras Single (small)

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Geological Age: Ordovician (488 million to 443 million years ago).

Location: Atlas Mountain Range, Morocco, North Africa.

Orthoceras fossil shells on a limestone matrix which have been carved out and polished to highlight the orthoceras shell better. Specimens are just a few inches in size and are suitable for children.

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A small size single orthoceras shell on a limestone matrix, these particular specimens are ideal for children given their small pocket size and low price. Orthoceras are an extinct genus of nautiloid cephalopod, their name means 'straight cone' Due to the fact that that orthoceras shells, as can be seen in the fossils were long and straight. They belonged to the orthocone family and while orthoceras specifically ranged in size form a few cm to 15 cm, other orthocones such as cameroceras could reach up to 6 meters in length, longer than a bus. These specimens however are much smaller in size, between 3 to 6 cm in size and then the matrix around them. They swam through the seas during the Ordovician period, over 480 million years ago and come from the Atlas mountains, Morocco.

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