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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Peak Light Loupe X 22

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The Peak x 22 light loupe is a high quality magnifier made in Japan, it features a plastic design, including the optics which offer a 12 mm diameter field of view, making the loupe easy to hold and use when the batteries are inserted. It is perfect to view small objects or specimens in more detail to magnify the surface of objects such as cotton, linen and more. It is a handy size, only measuring 18 cm total in length, it is made using a stylish, narrow tilted handle, within which you insert the batteries which are two AAA batteries, not supplied. With a light weight of only 55 grams, it is fairly simple to use, featuring only one off and on switch at the end, which turns on a bright LED light to illuminate the object you are looking at. With a titled handle, this loupe allows you to observe object without causing strain to your wrist. Another excellent magnification aid produced in Japan, it is suitable to observe sediments, insects, plant material, flat surfaces of rocks, textiles and more.

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