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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Pentacrinites Crinoid Stem

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• Geological Age: middle Jurassic period, 185 million years old.
• Location: Gloucestershire, UK.
• Family: Echinoderm
• Species: Pentacrinites

Pentacrinites fossil crinoid stems fromthe Jurassic period, found in Gloucestershire, UK, these fossil specimens exhibit excellent 5 point star shapes as expected from this species, supplied in a polythene bag with an information label.

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Pentacrinites are an extinct species of crinoid, so named because of their star shaped stems which have 5 points to them. It is believed that they lived widely through periods, from the middle Triassic to the Eocene, with fossils being found in Europe, North America, Asia and New Zealand. Like other crinoids, they are made of 3 body parts, the calyx, stem and arms. These fossil specimens are of the stems and are of middle Jurassic age, making them around 185 million years old. They were found in Gloucestershire, UK, and are completely free of matrix, enabling you view the stem and the segments which make it up. They range in size between approximately 5 mm and 20 mm in length, depending on the size chosen.and come supplied in a polythene bag with an information label.

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