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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Peridot Gemstone Bottle

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Peridot gemstone bottles, contain around 25 ml worth of the olivine mineral in gem quality form. Exhibiting a transluscent, rich green colour, this rare mineral forms deep within the earth in magma chambers in igneous bodies. Pieces are upto 3 mm in size and come supplied in a glass bottle with a cork stopper, an excellent gift for those with an interest in gemology or the colour green.

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Peridot gemstone bottles, filled with loose, polished chips of this rare, rich green coloured mineral peridot. An olivine mineral, the chips are of gem quality and so are slightly transparent, allowing some degree of light through them, which makes the chips shine all the more brighter. It is one of few gemstones which only appear in one colour, being green, where as others, can have a wide range of colourations. The mineral is commonly found in igneous rocks, forming deep within the earths crust in magma. Pieces of the mineral have also even been found within iron meteorites. The chips are very small, 1 to 3 mm in size and have tumbled and polished, they come supplied in a clear glass gemstone bottle whth is 55 x 30 mm in size and holds approximately 25 ml worth of the gemstones as well as a circular label on the front, detailing the contents. A cork stopped is placed in the opening to prevent the contents from spilling out, an excellent gift for children interested in minerals or for those with an interest in gemstones.

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