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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Peridot Gemstone Necklace


Peridot gemstone necklace, 18 inches long, made from the mineral, olivine, the pieces have been tumbled and polished, giving then an excellent, vibrant green colouration. The mineral is very sought after and rare, forming deep within the earth.

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Peridot gemstone chip necklace made from the gem quality variety of olivine, a vibrant, green coloured mineral which originally forms deep within the earths mantle. It is well known and sought after for its excellent, natural green colouration, especially in these pieces, which are slightly transparent, thus allowing light to pass through the pieces, enhancing their appearance even more, making them visually brighter. The chips have been tumbled and polished before being threaded into a necklace. Overall, when undone, it measures 18 inches in length and is fastened with a clasp, an excellent gift for those with an affinity towards green.

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