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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Peridot in Magnifier Box


Peridot mineral specimens, a variation of olivine from Norway, presented in special magnification boxes. These samples are of a much more crystalline nature than olivine, almost looking like olive green glass. formed in ultra mafic lava rocks, high quality samples have of this mineral have long been used as gemstones in jewellery. These pieces are available in 2 sizes and come supplied with a data label.

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Peridot is a silicate variation the mineral olivine, much purer, it therefor has a much crystalline appearance than olivine, with exceptional pieces being classified as gemstone quality and often used in faceting and jewellery making. It has an intense olive green colouration which varies, depending on the concentration of iron present at the time the mineral was forming, with higher quality pieces even being semi transparent. It forms as a result of cooling of mafic lava at high temperatures. However, peridot has also been found on pallasite meteorites. These specimens were collected by staff from the Gusdal olivine pit in Aheim, Norway and have been presented in magnified boxes available in 2 sizes, and all specimens come supplied with an information label.

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