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Dunite Peridotite


Dunite peridotite rock samples collected from Åheim in Norway by staff. This rock is composed mostly of the minerals olivine and pyroxene which give the rock it’s green colouration. These samples come in a small card tray with information label.

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Dunite is the Olivine rich end member of the Peridotite group typically containing over 90% with minor amounts of Pyroxene, Chromite , Magnetite & Pyrope. It is a major constituent of mantle rock forming above a depth of 400 km. Dunite is rarely found within continental rocks except where associated with the basal sequences of ophiolites in subduction zones where mantle slabs have been thrust up into the continental crust during island arc collisions (orogeny). It often undergoes retrograde metamorphism to Serpentine & Soapstone in near surface environments.

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