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JPL1350HBG Petrological Microscope

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Technical Specification:
• Eyepieces: Pair of 10X Widefield FN18 Eyepieces.
• Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X & 100X oil Achromatic Objectives.
• Head: Binocular
• Magnification range: 40X – 1000X
• 360° rotatable stage
• Light: Transmitted light source, 6 volt, 20 watt halogen bulb

JPL1350HBG polarising microscope with binocular head and transmitted light source. This excellent model features a magnification range of 40X to 1000X, with a 360° rotatable stage, cross polariser and 20 watt halogen bulb. It is ideal for geologists, students and amateur microscopists for the viewing of geological thin sections. Allowing users to view crystals which make up rocks up close under polarised and cross polarised light. Features a range of features at an inexpensive price.

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An excellent microscope suitable for educational use, amateur interest and small scale research, the JPL1350HBG model is a binocular microscope with a transmitted light source and polarising capabilities. Great for the viewing of polarised and cross polarised materials such as geological thin sections. The binocular head with 10X eye pieces and a cross hair as well as 4 achromatic, strain-free, centerable objectives 4X, 10X, 40X. 100X. This will give you a total magnification range of 40X to 1000X. The achromatic objectives also eliminate blurring when viewing slides. As standard, a rotating centre stage is also equipped, allowing you to rotate the slide 360 degrees to best view slides and crystal reactions to cross polarised light as well as a rotatable polariser also being equipped. This microscope also uses a 6 volt, 20 Watt transmitted light source via a halogen bulb, the tension of which can also be adjusted with a coarse and fine focus and a limit stopper. All of these features provide you with an excellent microscope for a number of uses and is cost effective enough to be used by amateur microscopists, schools and colleges and hobbyists.

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