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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Faithful Pointed Tip Geological Hammer – Hickory Shaft

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An excellent economical geologist pick rock hammer for use when undertaking field work. This tool is ideal for the breaking or rocks or massive mineral as well as the extraction of crystals or fossils from matrix. It weighs in at 866 grams, with a head weight of 624 grams (1 lb) and an overall length of 331 mm. Making it small and lightweight to take anywhere without encumbering one too much. The handle is constructed from solid hickory wood which is an excellent shock absorber and has a comfortable grip for long use.

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An excellent, economical geologist pick rock hammer for use when obtaining mineral, rock or fossil samples from out in the field. The pick is constructed of a solid steel head which had a flat face for crushing and breaking rock down and a pointed tip pick on the opposite side for use in chipping away at outcrops, clearing matrix or extraction of crystals or fossil specimens. The head weighs 624 grams and has utilised by a wooden hickory handle. A time tested material which is sturdy, solid and absorbs shock rather well. This excellent hammer is ideal for those looking for a light weight, at only 866 grams total and measuring 331 mm in length. It is an economical tool or those who prefer the old style wooden handles.

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