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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd
Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Faithful Pointed Tip Geological Hammer – Hickory Shaft

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Technical Spec:

Weight: 624g
Pointed tip
Large square striking face
Hickory style handle

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An inexpensive rock hammer designed for use by geologists when taking samples of rocks and fossils in the field, this pick
Has a large square striking face to crush or break rock with ease while the opposing end has a pointed tip which is ideal for splitting, cracking and levering rock. The head weighs 624 grams and has a wooden Hickory handle which absorbs the shock from each strike quite well. This is an excellent hammer for what it costs; perfect for any beginner geologists, or those who are a fan of the hickory style handle.

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Weight 900 g


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