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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Polycotton Drawstring Bag 127 x 203 mm

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• Material: Polycotton (65% – 35% warp cotton and weft polyester blend)
• Size: 127 x 203 mm (5″ x 8″)
• Stitching: Single
• Colour: Off white
• Closure: Drawstring (with flat tape style cord)

127 x 203 mm Polycotton sampling bags, moderate size for light weight samples, made from a warp cotton and weft polyester blend, these geochemical sampling bags are ideal for use in the field, they have single stitching and a tape drawstring cord to pull the bag shut, easy to use with gloves or not, ideal for the safe storage and transport of geological samples.

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5 x 8 inch size polycotton drawstring sample bags made utilising a 65% - 35% warp cotton and weft polyester blend for superior strength and resistance, a much needed attribute for many pieces of geological or geochemical sampling products. These bags have single stitching and now loose parts, lessening the chances of the fabric fraying, suitable for the sampling of light weights of material, the bags have a drawstring closure with a thick tape style core for easy use in the field, allowing you to pull the drawstring with or without gloves on.

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