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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Purple Agate Tumblestones

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Purple agate tumblestones which have been dyed, tumbled and polished making them easier to hold and giving them a deep purple colour. Belonging to the quartz family of minerals, agate is a popular gemstone which is available as a single piece or in sets.

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Purple agate tumblestone immediately set them selves apart from other gemstones because of their bright vibrant pink colour. However, the colour is not natural, and is due to the agate being dyed, a common procedure with agate products. Agate is a quartz mineral, and is well known all over the world and often sought after by jewellers, collectors and children, easily identifiable because almost all agate tends to have a form of banding in it. When dyed, these bands vary in the coloured they were dyed in, such as lighter or darker bands. The gemstones have been tumbled and polished, making them smooth to hold and enhancing their bright colour, pieces are sized between 2 to 3 cm and are available as a single gemstone or in certain set amounts.

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