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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Purple Quartz – Kilo Bag

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1 kilogram of purple quartz mineral specimens from Morroco, the crystal beds exhibit quartz crystal points in beds on agate or chalcedony, the colour is a hue of purple, but faded. Sizes of samples supplied in the pack vary between 20 mm to 60 mm and come in a polythene bag with an data card. Suitable for craft use, schools and more where more pieces are required.

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Purple quartz is the name given to a faded pruple coloured variant of amethyst, instead of a striking purple colour, they mineral specimens instead have a faded purple hue. These particular samples of of geode fragments with small crystal beds on them, with occurences of agate and chalcedony (all belonging to the quartz family of minerals) The sizes of pieces supplied will vary between 20 mm and 60 mm and come in polythene bag upto the weight of 1 kilogram along with an information card. The bags are suitable if you need a large quantity for low costs, such as for crafts, educational use, kits or more.

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