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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Pygurus Depressus – Polished

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• Geological Age: Middle Jurassic period, 162 million years ago.
• Location: Madagascar
• Family: Echinoderm
• Species: Pygurus Depressus

Pygurus depresses fossil echinoid specimens are common and often sought after, they are often complete and well preserved and also take an excellent polish to them, such as these samples. 7 cm in diameter and a golden brown colour. Polishing only highlights the features of these samples even more.


Pygurus depressus echinoid specimens, fossilised, which have been polished, highlighting morphological features such as the petals on the surface of the specimen. Each specimen measures approximately 7cm in diameter. Each specimen comes in a card tray with data label.

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Weight 170 g


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