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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Pyrite Granules

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Pyrite granules supplied in lots of 500 grams, in their natural state, exhibiting a dull brassy colour and slight metallic lustre, this iron bearing mineral is commonly known as “Fool’s Gold” due to its slight resemblance. The small size grains are rough, making them ideal for crafts and educational endeavours.

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Pyrite granules are the small, grain sized pieces of natural pyrite, a mineral with a golden brassy colour and metallic lustre. Known by many as "Fool's Gold" due to it's similar appearance and lustre, pyrite is actually an iron bearing mineral and primary source of the metal. These particular granules are natural and have received no tumbling or polishing and comes from Peru, due to the small size, there are no particular crystal features which can really be picked out. They come supplied in lots of 500 grams, within a sealed pack ready for immediate use. In this manner, they are perfect for those looking to make art and craft objects, fillings or educational shows, mimicking the likes of gold panning.

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