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Pyrite – Norway

Pyrite in massive form, from Folldal, Norway. Collected by staff, these crystalline textured mineral specimens exhibit a metallic lustre, brassy colouration and shine when viewed under certain lighting conditions. The iron ore is dense and solid, but can break fairly easily, occurrences of chalocpyrite may also be seen in some pieces. These samples are available in various sizes and come supplied in a card tray with a label, ideal for educational use, children and collections.

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Pyrite is a dense iron ore mineral, these specimens come from Folldal, Norway in it's massive form which gives it a medium textured crystalline appearance, these specimens, when a clean face is exposed exhibit a metallic lustre which shines and glimmers when viewed from certain angles of light. It also displays a brassy colouration, and occurrences of the copper ore, chalcopyrite may also be present. Excellent specimens, suitable for educational use and collections, pyrite is also known by many as 'Fools Gold', due to the fact that early prospectors when viewing it in situ, assumed it so, they may even have bitten into pieces of it (as gold is a soft malleable mineral) and lost teeth in the process due to it being much more harder. The pieces are available in various sizes, they will come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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