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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Quartz Gemstone Tea Light

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Quartz gemstone tea light, carved from natural snowy white quartz mineral, roughly 10 cm in size, it has a cut flat base and a central hole to place a tea light candle inside. An excellent addition to your home, they are rough, natural and unpolished. Perfect for those seeking a more genuine look and feel.

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A snowy, cool gemstone tea light made from natural quartz with a white colouration, this popular and common mineral is well known by many as it can be easily carved and manipulated to many shapes and objects. These particular tea lights are natural, with no polished surfaces, making for a more genuine piece. They do have flat cut bases, this allows them to be placed on any other flat surface with out risk of toppling over, whether that is your mantle piece or around the fire place, to the kitchen table or a bedside cabinet, this cool feeling tea light emits an orange glow when lit, thanks to a single hole drilled into the centre which allows for small tea light candles to be placed inside. They are roughly 10 cm in size and 7 cm in height.

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