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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Record Power Engraver

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Professional grade power engraver running on 240 volts, suitable for engraving on glass, steel, aluminium, jewellery, stone, plastic and ceramics. Supplied in a handy carry kit with 4 points and instructions. The engraver is mains powered and comes with a UK 3 pin plug as standard.

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The 'Record Power' professional engraver is the ideal piece of kit for your preparation needs. The engraver runs on 240 volts with an adjustable dial to control the power output. It is suitable for marking steel and aluminium, jewellery security marking, wood carving, decorating glass, plastic, ceramics, stone and plaster. If you prepare gemstones, crystals or fossils, it will be ideal to use and enhance your specimens. The engraving end has a continuously rated, hammer action function with variable speed and a range of points available to best suit different types of work. The points fit in easily with a universal quick release chuck eliminating the need for extra keys etc. The whole items comes as a kit and is supplied with the following points included:

  • A2 Extra fine solid carbide point for glass and steel.
  • A4 Heavy-duty carbide tip engraving point for hardened steel.
  • A5 Point for engraving soft metals and alloys.
  • A8 Abrasive point for frosting glass and smoothing.

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