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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Rhaetic Bone Bed

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Rhaetic bone bed, Upper Triassic in age. Rich in marine fossils such as bones, scales & teeth from marine reptiles. From Aust Cliff, Gloucestershire.

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The Rhaetic Bone Bed is part of a transgressional formation from the Upper Triassic. It consists of a conglomerate with a calcite cemented sandy matrix, together with an abundance of teeth, scales and bones. Fossils include; coprolites of aquatic reptiles, fish remains of dipnoans and ganoids, scales especially Gyrolepis, ichthyosaur vertebrae, and even bones from the dinosaurAvalonia. Hypothesis for the formation of this bone bed include mass mortality due to salinity changes, storm deposits on coastal flats, or simply concentration due to a decreased sedimentation rate. Collected from the Aust Cliff area, Gloucestershire. Each specimen is supplied in a labelled card tray.

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