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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Rhodonite Gemstone Tea Light

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Rhodonite gemstone tea light, carved from the intricate mixture of pink rhodonite and black manganese minerals, natural with polished faces and a cut flat base. It has a flat base to stand any where and a hole to place a candle which emits a warm, comforting glow.

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A wonderful mixed batch of colours, this genuine gemstone tea light is known as rhodonite, a naturally occurring mineral which exhibits a mix of black, white and pink colours, with randomly orientated patterns. The pink mineral present is the rhodonite, where as the black mineral is the iron mineral, manganese, with occurrences of white quartz. It is a dense mineral, beautifully shaped and carved into this stunning tea light, while it the wider faces of it have been cut and polished, there are rough, natural corners, contrasting both what the mineral looks like naturally and when treated. It has a cut flat base, allowing it to stand safely anywhere, making a great home by the fire or kitchen table, as well as on a bedside cabinet. A central hole have been drilled in the middle in which a small tea light candle can be placed, which when lit, will emit a warm and calming glow. Overall, it is 10 x 8 cm at the base and stands 7 cm high, certain to make an excellent gift for some one or why not treat your self.

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