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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Rock Crystal Egg


Rock crystal gemstone eggs carved from the clear variation of quartz, the eggs are loved by many due to the fact they fit in almost any where due to their lack of colour. They are 5 x 4 cm in size, ideal to keep on you and come supplied with a free egg stand. An ideal and versatile gift for any one or for your self.

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Rock crystal gemstone eggs, crystal clear and highly polished, these popular items are purchased by many due to their universal uses and placements. Carved from the clear, almost glass like variation of quartz, indicating a pure form of the mineral with little to no impurities, these eggs are small and pocket sizes, measuring only 5 cm high and 4 cm wide, they have a smooth finish and are transparent, each one comes supplied with a free plastic egg stand to display them on.

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