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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Rock Crystal Gemstone Tea Light


Gemstone tea light carved from rock crystal, the clear, glass like variation of the mineral quartz, the tea lights have a natural, rough finish with a flat cut base, each one measures roughly 10 cm in size and has a central hole to hold a small candle in the middle. Ideal as a gift for someone or as treat for your self.

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A tea light carved from the naturally occurring mineral known as rock crystal, also known as a gemstone due to it being easy to carve and polish, this mineral is the clear (transparent) variation of quartz, which is often white. They have a natural rough finish with a cut base to make it stand freely on flat surfaces and each one measures approximately 10 x 10 cm in size and has a central hole drilled into the middle in which a small circular candle can be placed. Once lit, it will emit an orange glow, dimly lighting the room it is placed in and setting a mood. An excellent gift or as a treat for your self, the tea light will come supplied with a free candle to get you started.

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