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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ruper 10 x 20 mm Hand Lens

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Ruper 10x magnification hand lens with a generous 20 mm diameter viewing field. Manufactured in Japan, Ruper loupes are world renowned for their robust build and quality optics. In the case of this model, the magnifier is made with aplantic doublet optics and so significantly reduces spherical abrasions when observing items. These high end lenses are suitable not only for students but professionals in the acedemic and industrial sectors, especially geologists, botanists, entomologists, archaeologists, gemologists, jewelers and those with an interest in antiques. An excellent entry level professional magnifier lens.

The Ruper hand lens is a widely known magnifier loupe used by a range of professionals and long time enthusiasts across a broad range of sectors. This particular jewellery loupe offers x 10 magnification with a large 20 mm viewing field, thus reducing eye strain and offering users a wide area to view at any one time. Manufactured in Japan, as expected, this Ruper model offers excellent clarity in vision, this is achieved because the magnifier is a doublet with aplantic optics, a combination of concave and convex optical glass, which lessens the effects of spherical abrasions often seen towards the edges of some lenses. It is important to note, that Ruper lenses are doublets, as many people assume and many sellers proclaim that they are actually triplets. However, they are strictly manufactured using 2 optical lenses only and a spacer. This top end lens is housed in a stainless steel body with a chrome finish and the famous 'Ruper' name engraved on one side. Another top quality magnifier and loupe by this well known Japanese brand, it can be used by those working or interested in geology, crystalography and sedimentology to enhance your viewing of rocks, minerals, fossils and crystals, botany to ease your viewing of plants and other natural materials, entomology to enable you to view insects in minute detail, jewellery, making faceting and observation of gemstones much easier and many more, where the aid of magnification is necessary. Accessories supplied include a faux leather case.

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