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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Satin Spar Mountain


Satin spar mineral which has been cut, carved and notched into a tower shape, no polishing, leaving the mineral in its natural state, these towers are often known as mountains, standing 15 cm high and 6 cm wide at the base, they make unique gifts.

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A genuine piece of satin spar, which is a variation of the mineral gypsum, the name is given due to the fact that the long, needle like fibrous minerals which make up the piece have a satin like appearance. The piece has been carved into a rough tower like shape and the only cut part is the base, which is flat, allowing the tower to be free standing. The notched and rough appearance of such towers is often referred to as a mountain. Satin spar can be delicate if handle too harshly, however, light handling and when left, it will be fine. This item will certain be a unique talking piece where ever it is placed and definitely a spectacular gift and something different. Each mountain stands approximately 15 cm high and is around 6 cm wide at the base, tapering upwards.

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