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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Scutellum sp

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  • Family: Trilobite
  • Species: Scutellum (exact species unknown)
  • Geological Age: Devonian period, 414 to 391 million years ago
  • Location: Czech Republic.

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Scutellum were a species of trilobite which lived during the Devonian period, dating these fossil specimens to between 414 to 391 million years old. Most specimens are found in Morocco, however, some have also been found in Europe, such as these pieces of the trilobites pygidium (tail) which come from the Czech Republic. The tails measures apprxomately 4 cm in size and are on a limestone matrix. They are clean and well defined, features can easily be seen with the naked eye. supplied in a packet with an information label.

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