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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Selenite Gemstone Tea Light with Rough Top


A selenite gemstone tea light made using the well known white coloured variation of this salt mineral. Made from numerous needle like crystals giving it the name satin spar, this tea light is 10 cm in size and can hold a single candle. It is completely natural with no polished surfaces, but a cut flat base to allow it to stand easily on other flat surfaces.

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Selenite gemstone tea light in its natural, well known white colouration, selenite is a variation of the mineral gypsum, a salt mineral which forms with minute needle like crystals which are quite fragile on their own, but robust when together. The crystals all grow in the same direction, which causes a satin like appearance when viewed from certain angles of light. For this reason, the gemstone is also referred to as satin spar. A beautiful piece, it measures 10 cm in diameter and is approximately 9 cm high, a hole has been drilled in to the centre to allow a small tea light candle to be placed inside. Once lit, an orange glow will be emitted, making for a nice tone to be set, where ever it is placed in your home. The tea light as a whole is natural, it has a flat cut base to allow it to stand steady on any flat surface, the sides and top are natural and unpolished.

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