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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Selenite Mountain Tea Light

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Selenite mountain tea light carved from white natural gypsum, with needle like crystals also known as satin spar, it has been chiselled into a tapering mountain shape, atop of which a small candle can be placed to emit a warming glow. An excellent and natural piece with a carved shape, the base is flat, measures 11 cm in size and 12 cm high.

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Selenite mountain gemstone tea light made from the white colour variety of gypsum, this salt mineral is formed from numerous needle like crystals which when clustered together, can appear almost like a satin sheet, hence its popular gemstone name of satin spar. This particular natural piece have been chiselled into a shape in which it is wider are the base than the top, commonly known as a mountain. Atop of the tea light, a central hole has been drilled in which a small circular candle can sit. Once lit, a warm orange glow will be emitted whilst travelling through the semi transparent selenite crystals. An excellent and heft piece, it measures 11 cm in diameter, roughly circular in shape and is 12 cm high. whilst the majority of this piece is natural, it's shape is not and the base has been cut flat to allow it to remain seated where ever it is placed.

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