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Selenite Obelisk


An obelisk carved from the mineral, selenite, with a white colour. The mineral is a variety of gypsum, sometimes known as satin spar, the pieces have been carved and polished in Morocco, they stand 15 cm tall and 5 cm wide with a flat base. Obelisks were popular in ancient Egyptian building and were thought to channel power and energy to users, the pieces have a satin sheet like appearance due to the needle like structure of the crystals.

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Selenite gemstone obelisk, carved from a variety of gypsum known as satin spar, they have been carved into the shape of an obelisk, four sided towers which tapered upward with a pyramid shaped like top, they are famous for being a prominent in ancient Egyptian architecture, thought to channel power and energy. these particular sculptures were made in Morocco, have been cut and carved and have a high polished finish applied to them. The mineral, gypsum is very soft and care is advised when handling them. Each obelisks measures 15 cm tall, while being 5 cm wide at the base, which is flat, allowing them to freely stand on other flat surfaces. They are pure white and exhibit a satin like appearance due to fine, fibrous crystal habit, an evaporite mineral, it formed where there was once a sea, with the water being evaporated and only the gypsum left behind.

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