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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Selenite Tower

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A selenite gemstone tower carved from a white variation of the mineral gypsum, also known as satin spar due to the crystals fibrous like structure, especially visible when polished. Each tower is 15 cm high and 6 cm wide with a flat base and polished finish.

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Selenite is a gypsum mineral also known as satin spar, carved into a tower shape with a high polish finish, the towers are 6 side, and have a pointed top and a flat base, allowing them to be placed on other flat surfaces. This particular variant of mineral is an off white, indicating that it is from a pure source with little impurities. Each tower, made in Morocco stand 15 cm high and 6 cm wide at the base. It is believed through history that towers are able to channel power and energy, these beautiful, calm orange coloured towers will make a great addition to any decor in your house, especially if you have an orange theme.

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