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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Sentry Bag with Label 203 x 304 mm

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• Material: Sentry (polyester)
• Size: 203 x 304 mm (8″ x 12″)
• Stitching: Single
• Colour: White
• Closure: Drawstring (nylon cord)
• Additional info: sewn in printed tyvek label

8 x 12 inch size sentry bags made from spun polyester, these sampling bags are medium, ideal for obtaining moderate weights of geochemical soil samples, even if they are wet as these bags allow water to drain out. White in colour with a nylon drawstring closure, the bags also have a yellow sewn in printed tyvek label with space to add more annotations.

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8 x 12 inch size sentry sample bags made from polyester, these bags allow liquids such as water or moisture to easily pass through without loss of the samples inside, water will freely drain out or if very little, will evaporate out over time as these bags can also width stand laboratory oven temperatures. The fabric is also tough, ideal for use in the field, this variant is moderate in size making them suitable for storage of heavy weights of samples, around 10 kg with an open top, they can be closed with the drawstring which utilises a nylon cord which you pull to sea shut. Excellent bags for the collection of geochemical soil samples especially, though rough aggregates and mineral ores will also fit in quite well. These sample bags also have a sewn in printed tyvek label with space for you to add additional notations.

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