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Shark Vomit Matter


Acathodian Shark vomit on a siltstone matrix, found in Angus, Scotland from the Devonian period. A trace fossil which provides an insight into the dietary habits of Devonian marine fauna, this piece is perfect for collectors with a taste for the unusual and a great conversation piece.Each specimen is supplied with a card tray and an information label.

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Ancathodii was a species of fish form the Devonian period. Sometimes referred to as Spiny Shark, they are closely related the much more publicised bony fish and cartilaginous fish. These specimens are trace fossils of the sharks vomit, which were found in Turin Hill, Angus, Scotland. A fossil which is both rare and unusual and are on a siltstone matrix which is very fine and fragile, 1 mm in thickness, they are perfect for any paleontologist with a taste for the strange, as well as providing an insight into the dietary habits of prehistoric fauna. Specimens are between 2 to 3 inches in size and come supplied with a card tray and information label.

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