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Skutterudite is a arsenide cobalt mineral specimen from Bou Azzer District, Morocco. It has a metallic lustre and can be rare, associated with minerals such as silver, cobalt, erythrite, baryte and more, these mineral specimens are available in small sizes only and come with an information label.

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Skutterudite is a steel coloured arsenide cobalt mineral which tends to have a metallic lustre and leaves a black or dark grey streak. It is a rare, dense mineral which can sometimes contain amounts of nickle and iron; it forms by hydrothermal processes in moderate to high temperature environments. Skutterudite can often be found alongside associated minerals such as silver, erythrite, baryte, calcite quartz and many more. These particular samples were collected Bou Azzer District, Morocco and are available in small sizes ( see drop down menu ) and come supplied with an information label. We have both particularly impressive A grade and B grade specimens available, chose the quality and size you desire from the drop down menu.

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