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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Sodalite Tumblestones

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Sodalite tumblestones with a deep rich blue colour, tumbled and polished to make them smoother and enhance the colour. Long sought after as a decorative gemstone, sodalite is an ideal tumblestone for those not wanting to pay up for lapis lazuli.

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Sodalite tumblestones exhibiting the deep rich blue colouration which is expected from this widely used ornamental gemstone. It was first described from its type locality in Ilimaussaq complex, Narsaq, West Greenland and usually forms as a massive mineral in veins in igneous rocks. The mineral has a strong blue colour to it, even before polishing. These pieces have been tumbled and polished making them smooth to hold and enhancing their already bright colours. Pieces are roughly 3 cm in size and are available as a single piece or in set quantities.

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