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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Spare Tumbling Barrels

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Tumbling barrels for use with Beach lapidary tumbling machines, an importat part of any tumbling set up is the barrels, in which you will insert rough material to be tumbled and polished. Various sizes and types are available such as plastic, rubber and barrels with fins inside. Select your prefered choices in the drop down below. Due to the varying sizes of the barrels, although light weight, some of the largers ones will have to be dispatch by courier as their size will not allow them to be posted.

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Tumbling machines come in two significant parts, the machine, which utilises rods, motors etc to spin a barrel and ofcourse, the barrels (which can be made from either plastic or rubber) and can be either plain inside or finned. Due to the constant use that tumblers endure, especially the barrel which will also have a variety of contents inside from rouch rocks, minerals and more. It is normal that barrels will need replacing from time to time or you may have acquired another machine and require extra barrels for it or oyu just want to switch from plain barrels to finned barrels or even switch between barrel sizes. Here we have a selection of spare barrels of various sorts and sizes. These barrels are manufactured by Beach Lapidary in the UK and as such, are recommended for use with Beach machines only. We cannot be held responsible if you purchase any of the barrels in this section and use them on other branded machine and do not obtain the desired results.


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