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Staurolite Schist Slide


Staurolite schist microscope slide exhibit crystals of muscovite mica, garnets and staurolite. This metamorphic rock also shows a typical schistose texture, initially, likely a mudstone or siltstone, regional metamorphism has altered it to its current form. The slide details all crystals and are made to 30 microns, measuring 46 x 27 cm in size.

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Staurolite schist is a metamorphic rock composed of muscovite mica and poor crystals of staurolite, originally, the rock would have been some form of siltstone or mudstone, regional metamorphism, putting this rock under pressure resulted in it becoming a schist. These samples come from India and have been sectioned into microscope slide. Under cross polarised view, one will be able to observes a typical schistose texture, within which occasional garnets may be found as well as low grade staurolite. Under cross polarised light, the colours of the minerals range from contrasting black and whites to vivid orange and yellows. An excellent, and not so common rock specimen and microscope slide, suitable for educational use. all of our slides are made to 30 microns thickness and measure 46 x 27 mm in size with a cover slip. Supplied in a protective card sleeve with a label, ideal for microscopy and educational purposes.

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